Young Diplomats of the Chinese Embassy in Zambia Holds a Seminar with Zambian Youths on the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

2022-11-25 23:57

On 24th November, the Chinese Embassy in Zambia held a seminar on the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Mr. Lai Bo, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy, H.E. Ambassador George Zulu, former High Commissioner of Zambia to Australia,  President Rosemary Nsepe and young members of the International Relations Association of Zambia, student representatives of the University of Zambia, and all the young diplomats of the Embassy attended the event.

Minister Counsellor Lai in his speech introduced major outcomes of the Congress. He said that the most important political outcome of the Congress is that a new CPC Central Committee has been elected with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. The Congress further established the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Committee and the whole Party, laying a solid political foundation for striving for the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. The Congress summarized the great achievements since the 18th National Congress of CPC, and well-informed guiding principles and missions of the Party and the country for the next five years and beyond. The theory of the Chinese path to modernization was elaborated at the Congress. 

Minister Counsellor Lai said that the Congress has charted the course of China’s development, and provided new opportunities for China-Zambia relations and practical cooperation. China and Zambia are both developing countries, and youths of both countries consider national development as their own missions. He hoped that Zambian youths can have a better understanding of China and the CPC and contribute to Zambia’s national development and the all-weather friendship between China and Zambia.

Young diplomats of the Embassy, through pictures, videos, mind maps and other forms, presented their own understandings of the spirit of Congress based on their own learning and working experience in Zambia. They elaborated on the great changes in the past decade of China’s New Era and important theories such as the Chinese path to modernization, high-quality development, whole-process people’s democracy, cultural confidence and strength, harmony between humanity and nature, and a human community with a shared future. They said that the CPC is dedicated to pursuing happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation,and it is also dedicated to human progress and world harmony. The Congress has put forward important theories and made major strategic plans, which provide a new blueprint for China’s future development and a new impetus for China-Zambia relations. All the Chinese young diplomats in Zambia will maintain and further develop the all-weather friendship between China and Zambia, contributing the power of youth to promoting a human community with a shared future.

The two-hour seminar was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Ambassador Zulu and the youth representatives expressed sincere admiration for the Chinese people’s historic achievements led by the CPC, and gratitude for China’s continued support and assistance for the development of Zambia. They said that they are willing to carry on the traditional friendship between our two countries, acquire a deeper understanding of the CPC so as to learn from China’s experience of development. They look forward to more engagements and interactions with the Embassy.