Ambassador Li Jie Meets with Hon.Paul Kabuswe, Minister of Mines and Minerals Development

2022-01-12 00:46

On January 11th, Ambassador Li Jie met with Hon. Paul Kabuswe, Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, and exchanged views on China-Zambia practical cooperation.

Ambassador Li said that China and Zambia share a traditional friendship over the last five decades, where bilateral practical cooperation has laid a solid foundation. China is one of Zambia's largest investment sources as well as the main export market of Zambia's mineral products. The EV industry of China will be in great demand for copper and other mineral products in the future. For a long time, Chinese enterprises have invested in the mining sector in Zambia, creating jobs and positive outcome for the local communities.

Ambassador Li pointed out that China always requires enterprises in Zambia to operate strictly in line with local laws and regulations in labor and tax, and properly handle labor-capital relations. China hopes that the Zambian authorities would effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors and improve the continuity of investment policies, creating an investor-friendly business environment. China stands ready to deepen cooperation with Zambia in areas such as capacity building and technology transfer through the Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones in Zambia.

Hon. Kabuswe said that Zambia cherishes the traditional friendship with China and is willing to continue to deepen bilateral practical cooperation. The mining industry is the backbone of Zambia's economy. The new dawn government hopes to seize the opportunity of EV industry, and coordinate and regulate the mining of various minerals, for attracting more foreign investment and producing high value-added products in Zambia, which will promote technology transfer and job creation. The Zambian side attaches great importance to the relevant concerns of the Chinese side, and welcomes Chinese enterprises to expand investment in Zambia's mining industry, while continuously improving employment conditions and strengthening the protection of labor rights and interests.