Ambassador Du Xiaohui Meets with Doreen Mwamba, Minister of Community Development and Social Services

2022-10-28 17:10

On October 27, Ambassador Du Xiaohui met with Doreen Mwamba, Minister of Community Development and Social Services. The minister introduced the main objectives, tasks and functions of the ministry and said she looks forward to strengthening cooperation with China in poverty reduction and protection of the rights and interests of women, children and vulnerable groups. 

Ambassador Du introduced the overall framework and main contents of the Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in light of the recent progress in bilateral relations. Focusing on the functions and tasks of the Ministry, Ambassador Du stressed the 9th part of the Report, "Improving the People’s Wellbeing and Raising Quality of Life", and said that the CPC is committed to ensuring and improving people's wellbeing in the course of development, improving the basic public service system and achieving solid progress in promoting common prosperity.

After hearing Ambassador Du's briefing, Minister Mwamba delivered a speech with enthusiasm and warmly congratulated on the success of the 20th CPC National Congress. The minister said that the Chinese people have made outstanding achievements in economic development, poverty reduction and social security, winning recognition and admiration from Zambia and the whole world. China has made great contributions to economic development and the improvement of people's livelihood in Zambia. In particular, China has recently helped Zambia quickly obtain the ECF, which has given Zambia hope for recovery.     

Ambassador Du said that the attention and interest has been shown by the Minister and all the directors of the ministry for the briefing on the Report of the 20th CPC National Congress fully reflects the sincere will of the ministry to safeguard the common interests of developing countries, strengthen the exchange and mutual learning of governance experience and comprehensively promote the all-weather friendship between China and Zambia. The Chinese Embassy in Zambia is ready to play a role as a bridge to strengthen cooperation with Zambia in social and livelihood areas and promote development of the all-weather, all-dimensional and high-quality  bilateral relations.